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Cold Forged & Machined Parts

Cold forging is an efficient and economically effective method of forming metal to manufacture large volumes of parts at low costs. The forging method is different depending on the temperature: cold or hot. It’s accomplished by machines with hammers, or by a press for shaping, pressing, and rolling steels.

Aluminium Forged & Machined Parts

Aluminum forging is a manufacturing process where aluminum is pressed, pounded, or squeezed under great pressure into high-strength parts known as forgings. This process can be performed at various temperatures, enhancing the material properties.

Cold Forging Tools & Dies

Cold forging uses a displacement process to shape the material into the desired shape. Compressive force squeezes the metal between a punch and die at room temperature until the material conforms to the die’s contours. Cold forging techniques include rolling, pressing, drawing, spinning, heading, and extruding.

Tooling Design & Development

Tooling design is a specialized area of manufacturing engineering which comprises the analysis, planning, design, construction and application of tools, methods and procedures necessary to increase manufacturing productivity.

Forge Tech-Team

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At Forge Tech, we’re renowned worldwide for our precision forging technologies. As leaders in plastic processing, we’re dedicated to eco-friendly methods, including phosphate-free forgings. Specializing in cold forging tools and dies, we offer a range including 4-pillar die sets, cylindrical and profile die assemblies, carbide die assemblies, and various profile punches.

Our expertise extends to critical and near-net shape cold forged parts, backed by comprehensive technology details.