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Two - Wheeler Products

Boss Rotor & Silencer Exhaust

We specialize in manufacturing Boss Flywheel Magneto rotor products tailored for two-wheelers, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Our precision-engineered components meet stringent quality standards, delivering reliability and efficiency to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Boss Flywheel Magneto rotor
Boss Flywheel Magneto roto (2)
Boss Flywheel Magneto rotor

Four - Wheeler Products

Steering Assy Sockets & Connecting Rods

We produce steering assembly sockets and connecting rods designed specifically for four-wheelers, ensuring safety and precision in vehicle handling. Our high-quality components undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards, providing reliable performance and durability for automotive applications.

D Max

D Max


Case Tie Rod


Link Rod


Club Car Case

Brake Bush

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