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Forge Tech, established in 2007, aims to be a global leader in the forging industry. We continually expand our product range to cover comprehensive tooling solutions, earning an excellent quality record with customers and achieving outstanding vendor ratings. Specializing in forging tools and dies, we provide turnkey solutions and prioritize customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and technological advancement. Our integrated cold forging and precision CNC machining facilities ensure value-added products backed by experienced and highly qualified teams.



Our manufacturing company has won many awards from different groups for the quality of our work and our ability to come up with new ideas in our field. Every award we receive shows how dedicated we are to providing excellent products and services. It pushes us to keep raising the bar and creating new achievement standards in our field.

Customer Awards – INEL – 2023

Customer Awards – INEL - 2022

Customer Award – SOMIC ZF 2023

Gold Award – QCI - 2022

Customer Award – INEL 2021



We are proud holders of ISO certification for quality and efficiency, guaranteeing our commitment to international standards. Additionally, our MSA certificate confirms our precision in manufacturing. These certifications reflect our dedication to providing top-notch products and services to our valued customers.