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Forge Tech, established in 2007, aims to be a global leader in the forging industry. We continually expand our product range to cover comprehensive tooling solutions, earning an excellent quality record with customers and achieving outstanding vendor ratings. Specializing in forging tools and dies, we provide turnkey solutions and prioritize customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and technological advancement. Our integrated cold forging and precision CNC machining facilities ensure value-added products backed by experienced and highly qualified teams.


Company Overview

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Displays proficiency in manufacturing of precision cold forged & machined components for automotive and engineering industries.


Adapting innovation and practicing latest engineering processes.


Forge Tech has raised the bar in the way cold forging is utilized and requirements are met.


Forge Tech also manufactures custom designed cold forging tools and dies.


Complete in house technology to manufacture critical/specialized carbide die assemblies and punches.


Forge tech provides a total solution for specific requirements with its unlimited array of specific products.


Consistent products and services are delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Our Strength

At Forge Tech, we’re not just building tools—we’re crafting a future where strength, precision, and customer satisfaction converge into the ultimate expression of industrial artistry. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries, forge the improbable, and craft a legacy etched in steel.


Competent Professionals


Cost Effective Solutions


Complete Inhouse Tool Room


High Quality Products


Prompt Delivery

Our Strength

Our Guiding Light

Since our journey began in 2007, we’ve been on a relentless quest to sculpt precision, strength, and reliability into every product we craft. We are artisans in a world of industry, creating with the fire of our furnaces and the strength of our will. Here’s a glimpse into the core of who we are and where we’re headed.

To be the leader in cold forging industry by consistently delighting customers with innovative value added solutions.  Forge Tech should be one-stop solution for forged product where we can be a preferred product development partner with our customer.

Delivering world-class services by developing and retaining the best talent and resources to ensure continued leadership in the cold forging industry.

FORGE TECH is committed to manufacture & supply of PRECISION COLD FORGED AND MACHINED products, to achieve total customer satisfaction by meeting their both specified and implied requirements. At the same time fulfilling the need and expectation of all the interested parties.
The effectiveness of the quality management system shall be continually improved through monitoring and measurement of process performance.

  • To Achieve 100% On-time Delivery
  • To Achieve Zero Customer Complaints
  • To Achieve 10% Sales turnover increase year on year
  • To Achieve minimum 2 continual improvements per year
  • To Achieve Customer satisfaction above 80%
  • To Achieve in-house rejection to 0.5%.

With a hammer in hand and an eagle’s eye on the future, our goals are ambitious yet crystal clear:

  • Expand Our Range: Like a tree with deep roots and branches reaching skywards, we aim to continually grow our product portfolio to offer comprehensive tooling solutions, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry’s needs.
  • Forge Quality: Our forges burn with a commitment to excellence. We endeavor to maintain our exceptional quality record and earn accolades from customers and vendors alike, making us a beacon of reliability in the forging landscape.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We place our customers at the core of our universe. By understanding their needs and aligning our services accordingly, we strive to achieve the highest echelons of customer contentment.
  • Technological Mastery: Innovation is the lifeblood of Forge Tech. We pledge to stay ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge technologies that enhance our capabilities and deliver products that are not just fit for purpose but a step ahead.
  • Team Excellence: Our team is our pride—a gathering of the finest blacksmiths of the modern age. By fostering their skills and creating an environment of learning and excellence, we ensure that our team members are as sharp and resilient as the products they create.
  • Integrated Solutions: With facilities that marry the art of cold forging with precision CNC machining, we’re setting new benchmarks for value-added products that meet and exceed the industry’s most stringent standards.

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Quality Control


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Financial Performance Overview

Our sales turnover reflects our business’s financial performance and growth over a specific period. It showcases our success in generating revenue and serving our customers effectively.