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Forge Tech has an outstanding global reputation for its high quality precision forging technologies. Of course, as a pioneer in all types of plastic processing methods, we are also working to come up with environment friendly production methods. The results include forgings with out phosphate coating.As we are specialized manufacturers of cold forging tools and dies, We manufacture 4 pillar die set , Cylindrical and profile die assemblies , carbide die assemblies ,various profile punches.We have complete technology details for various critical / near net shape cold forged parts .


We Manufacture and supply complete range of tools for the fastners for forging industries in the best quality with very competitive price.

     1.Bolt Forming Die Case

     2.Nut Forming Die Case

     3.Screwed Fillers

     4.Carbide Die Assemblies

     5.Top Nib / Taper Inserts

     6.Trimming & Piercing tools

     7.Punch / Taper Threaded / Plain Collects

     8.K.O.Heads & Sleeves

     9.Die Assembly Fillers & Spacers

     10.K.O Rods

     11.Pusher Pins

     12.Transfer Fingers

     13.Hex Forming Punches

     14.K.O Pins & Heads

     15.Cone tool Inserts



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Forge Tech
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