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Forge Tech was incorporated in the year 2007 with the vision of leadingManfacturers in the global trade of various forging industry.Forge Tech has been continuously adding products regularly in its business with a view to cover the complete range of Tooling Solutions in its business area, with the result the company has as more products currently. The company has to its name established an excellent quality record with all its customers. It has been successfully achieving status of outstanding vendor rating in quality with leading companies in forging Industry .

Since 2007 , from the date of establishment we are the specialized manufacturers of all kind of forging tools & dies.We are well known source for the fasteners and cold forging tools all over India in providing turnkey solutions .We do our best to satisfy our customers not only in the quality of our products , but also in our service .To promote technology for customer's products more precision.

Continuous focus on improving the process and absorbing best practices will kept us cost effective , reliable service and high level of customer satisfaction.We strongly believe that our past professional experience will guarantee you the best quality and service.

Forge Tech as a group forward integrated cold forging and precision CNC Machining facilities to supply a value added products to customer . Forge Tech is having peoples of more of experienced and highly qualified group of team in Forging Technology Industry.

Ethics of ForgeTech

It is offering effectively the service to the customers. It has established long term cooperation agreement with the manufacturers of products of the state of the art technology. Presently, it has more cooperation agreements for its product range .

Awards :


"Designer & Manufacturer of all kinds of Forging Tools "


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Forge Tech
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